The Soul's Unfolding

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"I see dance as a communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find words for." - Ruth St. Denis

Each of us has had a completely original path from conception to where we stand now. This journey has been perfectly choreographed to highlight our unique gift to this world.

As we find ourselves engaged in our everyday manifestation of our self through work, family and creative endeavors, we will not be fully satisfied if the deepest expression of our Soul does not have place. Often we haven’t had the time or the support to look into this, but will feel its absence if we are not living a Soulful life.

Here we take the perspective that nothing in one’s life is a mistake. Each choice, each turn in the road, each mishap or disaster, each loss; all things witnessed, welcomed, felt and endured has had a hand in shaping our particular, irreplaceable, one-of-a- kind, potential to offer, what we alone can offer.

By entering the Soul's whisperings through Embodied Movement Practice we can glimpse our Soul's Purpose. Often what we cannot figure out cognitively, is abundantly clear when we make way for the unfolding dance of our Soul, through time past, present and future.

Come prepared to muse deeply and fully in the moving company of others.