Taking a Risk

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Can we truly have a full creative life with meaningful work, passionate love, and raise children, without taking risks? Extending ourselves when the outcome is not known, and taking leaps of faith seems to be absolutely necessary at times. Depending on our inner responses to fear, this can be nerve-racking, exciting, or paralyzing.

In our desire to avoid what feels frightening, we may back away from the very situations that would support our ongoing growth.  We may shut down, space out, and sink deep into our comfort zones because we can't tolerate the uncertainty that comes with risk-taking, transition, and change. 

We will use Open Floor Movement Practice to explore new alternatives to old reflexes.  We can teach ourselves to ride the edge between fear and excitement, developing tolerance for the sensations we feel when we're breaking new ground– a state of heightened awareness that keeps us alert and informed as we stretch toward our most deeply held dreams and desires.