Undercurrents Ongoing Group

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Many of us are drawn to movement practice because it allows us to experience ourselves at our most fluid, soulful, and connected. In the dance we discover our passion and our life force, and we celebrate these qualities in ourselves and in others.

However, many of us experience challenge or dissonance when we try to bring that authentic, connected sense of self to our lives beyond the dance floor. We may struggle to manage our own energy, or simply lose track of ourselves amidst the demands of daily life. Though we long to show up more fully and authentically in matters such as career, family, relationship, or lifestyle, we often lack the structure and support that would help us incorporate the strengths of our "dancing selves" into these parts of our lives.

The Undercurrents group is a conscious community of movement meditation students and practitioners who are ready to use their practice as a means to grow up. Coming together for a series of five workshops over two and half years, participants form a community of practice that provides witnessing, accurate feedback, challenge and support.

Using a combination of Open Floor Encounter, one-on-one feedback and smaller group work, we will investigate and address the places where we feel stuck, stymied, depleted, or unexpressed. For the duration of the workshop, we will be surrounded by people who are committed to supporting and challenging us, who are able and willing to reflect the gaps and discrepancies we present as we move toward a fuller, and more honest expression of Self. As we connect with one another through our practice and get to know the circumstances of each other's lives, we become truly invested in one another's growth.