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Are You an Open Floor Teacher with Skills, Time and a Passion for Making a Difference? Or maybe you love Open Floor and have the skills for one of the jobs listed below?

Join us in making a difference. As an Open Floor teacher, are you longing for more connection with your colleagues? Perhaps you are motivated to actively contribute to the development of Open Floor International’s not-for-profit mission? Being a volunteer Working Member will give you the opportunity to build relationships with other Open Floor teachers world-wide and learn how to work with the principles of Dynamic Governance

Take a look at our volunteer and paid openings below. If you’d like more general information on becoming a volunteer, please email us.

Some of our jobs are open to everyone, not just Open Floor teachers. if you love this practice and want to work with our organisation, take a look at the roles open below.

Productions Manager – Online Labs

Call for Applications for Two Positions 

May 20, 2022 

Open Floor International is looking for a key member of the production team. This person will work closely with our Executive Director, Productions Director, Registrar and OFI Faculty to produce education programs internationally. Since we are looking for support in multiple time zones, we probably need two different people for these roles.

We are looking for Production Managers for two Online Labs:

  • Ground Floor Lab September 8 – 13, 2022. Focused in the Australasian Time Zone
  • Embodied Sexuality September 23 – 28, 2022. Focused in the European Time Zone


Compensation: $750 per Lab.

We estimate the time commitment is 25 – 35 hours each Lab, depending on your experience and organizing ability.

Position Reports to: Anneli Molin-Skelton, Productions Director

To Apply: email [email protected] with your resume or LinkedIn address, and a cover email/letter with why you think you would be a good candidate for the position.

Be sure to include which position you are applying for. If both, explain how you can work across time zones to support EU faculty, Australasia faculty, and US Production Team and faculty. 


  • Experience in events project management in training and education, non-profits, dance, theater, and/or music.
  • Good with checklists and budgets.
  • Able to work online and use basic digital tools with ease, including Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office.
  • Able to work in multiple time zones.
  • Good English speaking and writing abilities. French and Spanish language abilities a plus.
  • Positive outlook and lots of energy and organizing ability.
  • Experience with Open Floor practice preferred.

Production Management Role

  • Use our Checklist document to track production with Faculty in regular meetings and communications.
  • Ensure all tasks in Checklists are completed, and production details are done.
  • Track the budget and call attention to any anticipated expenses or losses different than budgeted to the Executive Director as soon as they are known.
  • Work with Registrar when needed to help ensure smooth communications with students.
  • Ensure faculty has Training Production documents (Checklists, Timeline, Team Doc, Budget)
  • Learn basic Teachable functions, and work with Teachable Manager to ensure Teachable and Circle Community are set up properly and working well.
  • Be available by phone during Lab to solve problems as needed.
  • Call together the Registrar and Faculty for a post Immersion and Practicum debrief.
  • Review final budget and work with Executive Director and bookkeeper to reconcile accounts. Assist to ensure that all parties are paid within 72 hours of closeout.

Mentor Project Manager

Call for Applications 

May 20, 2022 

Open Floor International is looking for a key member of the production team. This person will work closely with our Executive Director, Productions Director, Registrar and OFI Faculty to produce education programs internationally. Since we are looking for support in multiple time zones, we probably need two different people for these roles.


  • Project management experience, preferably in education and training or dance and music events.
  • Excellent ability to track lots of information and communicate that clearly to the team.
  • Total ease in working online, across time zones, and with people whose first language is not English.
  • Ease in using online tools, including Microsoft SharePoint, Office, Outlook and Zoom. Learn new technologies as needed.
  • Strong English writing skills and good English-speaking skills.
  • Positive, high energy, get it done attitude.
  • Some experience with Open Floor practice required.
  • A desire to bring OFI’s vision to life, “A world where mindful movement and dance ignites community, creativity, social justice, health, and well-being.”



  • Attend monthly Mentor Circle Meetings.
  • Using past examples, develop a mentor plan for each teacher training phase that includes all necessary documents and timeline for feedback and get consent from Mentor Circle.
  • Schedule and manage Mentor Induction/Orientation and 1st Immersion meetings, including the preparation of agendas, schedules and documents. Mentor Circle Decides who leads induction meetings.
  • Hold trainings and orientations for mentors, involving Circle Members when needed.
  • Manage process of allocating trainees to Mentors, calling on Mentor Circle and Teachable Manager when needed. Ensure all mentees are allocated.
  • Keep schedules and timelines updated and available to Mentor Circle, OL of EPC, mentors, and mentees.
  • Write and send communications to Mentors on behalf of the Mentor Circle.
  • Answer logistical questions from Mentors, consult with Mentor Circle when needed.
  • Update documents between Phases as requested by Mentor Circle.
  • Create and manage forms for gathering information from Mentors as needed.
  • Schedule meeting with Mentor Circle to select mentors according to the criteria.
  • Bring any mentor – student issues that arise to Mentor Circle.
  • Work with Teachable Manager and Registrar to address training needs.
  • Ensure mentors are keeping notes up to date on students’ progress, and that the notes are recorded in the trainee chart in SharePoint.
  • Coordinate Assignments between Faculty and Production Manager.

Estimated Hours: 70 per phase.

Compensation: This Project Manager contract is $1,800 for the first Phase of a Teacher Training and $1,500 for Phases 2 to 4. Planned Teacher Trainings: 2022 – 2 Phases; 2023 – 5 Phases; and 2024 – 3 Phases.

In addition to pay, if you are interested you may become a Working Member with the following benefits:

  • Create policy and help set the future direction of OFI.
  • Build relationships with OFI teachers, graduates, and students from around the world.
  • Consideration is given to WMs in the selection of mentors, assistants, and trainers, if they also meet qualifications set by the EPC and associated circles. These positions may be paid or volunteer.
  • OFI email address and Office 365 Account.
  • After volunteering for 90-days, Working Members receive:
    • Featured spot on the OFI Website with links to personal website.
    • Free access to all OFI recorded webinars. WM are asked to promote the webinars to others.
    • 50% off Trainings and Labs, or an additional 15% above what all OF teachers receive, whichever is the greater discount. Faculty may choose to limit the number of discounts further if venue space is limited, on a case-by-case basis.
    • Mentors also may attend free immersions in which they have mentees.

Circle meetings: Once a month. Day of the week to be determined. The meeting will be in the evening CEST, late morning PST, very early morning for Australia.

To Apply: If you are interested in the project manager contract, please send an email and your resume or LinkedIn address to the Executive Director [email protected], along with your contact information, relevant skills, and anything you would like us to know about why you are interested in the position.

Current Circle Members:  Heather Ehlers, Bodie Hunt, Jane Belshaw, Marisu Rimoldi, and Sascha Hutchings


Mentor Circle Domains and Aims – consented 2020 January

A sub-circle of the EPC


  • Provide support, mentoring and information for our Teachers in Training.
  • Provide information and support for Mentors of our Teachers in Training.
  • Deliver an effective Mentor Program in line with adult education.
  • Serve as a link to assist and coordinate communication between EPC and other pertinent circles, on the format, budget, content and delivery of the Mentor Program and provide a link to TiM for their Mentor Program.
  • Provide continuity for Teachers in Training between modules within the scope of the Mentor Program.


  • Provide meetings for Mentors to discuss issues and provide supervision support.
  • Review Mentor Policy with Mentors.
  • Be the resource for Mentees to discuss issues that arise, including concerns with their Mentors.
  • Provide, in conjunction with Administration, clear accessible updated information about the Mentor Program to all members via Yammer and to all Teachers in Training via the school.
  • Evaluate and modify the Mentor Program to meet the ongoing needs of an evolving organization.

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