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Therapy in Motion: Integrating Mind, Body, and Emotion for Deeper Psychological Healing  

In Therapy in Motion, we bring Open Floor movement practice to already existing psychotherapeutic approaches for 1:1 or small group work.  

We integrate relational approaches, attachment theory and practice, trauma work, emotions and cognition into an embodied movement exploration for richer therapeutic outcomes. 

Working with body sensations and movement, therapists increase the depth and efficacy of their work.

Each module in the training was engaging and well organized with a wealth of related information and compelling presentations. It is filled with material I can use again and again as inspiration for my teaching in the years to come.

Clients access core resources to make desired changes in their lives.

In our work together, we focus on:

  • Developing (and deepening) embodied presence
  • Using Core Movement Resources as interventions and support
  • Expanding capacity across channels of perception: sensory, emotional, cognitive, spatial, relational, etc.
  • Growing skills for embodied attunement and co-regulation in the therapeutic relationship


Therapy in Motion is a healing modality, excellent for beginning as well as dedicated movers seeking an embodied, integrated therapeutic approach.

Therapy in Motion Educational Programs

We offer introductory and advanced continuing education and professional development programs for therapists from a wide range of mental health backgrounds interested in expanding their skills and practice of embodiment and using movement in their therapeutic work.


A foundational program introducing the basic principles and practices of Therapy in Motion.


Recorded and live webinars and courses: from working with small groups to regulating the nervous system, our online courses cover a wide range of topics to support your learning and expand your skills as a therapist. 


One on one sessions for those looking for support in facing the challenges in their work or love life or deepening embodiment. Contact one of our trained Therapy in Motion practitioners directly. There are Therapy in Motion practitioners all around the globe. FIND A PRACTITIONER


Individual mentoring and supervision by an international group of highly respected therapists for inspiration and support.


Four meetings for those who have attended a Therapy in Motion program in the past will be held in 2022. Make sure you are on our email list to receive updates (see form below).

Please note:

Our Therapy in Motion certification program is currently on hold. We are offering instead one-off educational programs that will prepare you to use Open Floor Therapy in Motion as a TiM-informed practitioner in a variety of professional applications and settings.


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