Our People

Our biggest resource at Open Floor International is our community. Meet the movement teachers from around the globe who are supporting our mission with their time, skills, and passion.

Every Voice Matters

Our working members are organized in Circles, based on the principles of Dynamic Governance. While there are leaders, the power is in the group rather than any individual. This ensures that everybody has a sovereign voice in the management of the organization.

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Meet Our Working Members

At Open Floor we foster a culture of inclusion, equality and radical responsibility. One of the major factors in successfully offering our education programs globally is how Open Floor International has chosen to operate as an organization. In a world where the bottom line is often the only concern, Open Floor has rejected traditional top down hierarchical business models in favor of Dynamic Governance a non-authoritarian, collaborative model that reflects the same values of inclusion, equality and radical responsibility we teach in our practice.


Top Circle / Board of Directors

Equivalent to a Board of Directors, the Top Circle sets our vision and vector, creating the broadest policies and long-term plans to guide Open Floor International.

General Circle

As a central hub, the General Circle oversees the smooth and efficient running of Open Floor International, guiding policy development and coordinating operations. This circle also ensures our work aligns with our organizational values and tends our relational field.

Finance Circle

Show us the money! This Circle supports the solvency and sustainability of Open Floor International by creating and overseeing financial policies and fundraising initiatives.A fundraising subcircle assists with research and development.

People & Culture Circle

In development.

The Internal Communications subcircle produces our Working Members quarterly newsletter: Sawdust, Glitter & Glue – a thread in the giant web that connects us together.

Educational Programs Circle

Education is at the heart of all we do at Open Floor International. The Educational Programs Circle oversees and supervises content and delivery of all training for teachers and the public, provides supervision and supports for new trainers, and redesigns curriculum based on 360 feedback to ensure high quality programming. Their work is supported by several subcircles focusing on specific programs: Mentorship, Art in Motion, Therapy in Motion, Embodied Sexuality, Manual & Written Content, Online Learning, and Training Design.

JEDI Circle

The Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Circle is in development.

Tech Circle

Is hard-wired for success with a ton of patience for Moodle and Zoom software! The Tech Circle
develops and supports technology solutions for our organization, keeping all Working Members
connected and supporting educational programs.

Marketing Circle

Helps spread awareness of our movement revolution and raise the visibility of Open Floor
International. The Marketing Circle informs, inspires and supports the teachers, movers, and
volunteers that make up our global community through our website, social media channels and email campaigns.

Our Founders

Bringing together decades of experience as leaders and trainers in the fields of conscious dance, embodiment and mindful movement, our founders created Open Floor International to further the development of movement as a healing practice.

Founding Members

Our Founding Members are movement teachers, mindfulness and embodiment experts from all over the globe. They have pooled their vast wealth of experience and knowledge, birthing a new movement practice that reflects the most current research in embodiment, science, the arts, education and mindfulness.

Words From Our Working Members

There is such generosity from experienced embodiment teachers to "give away" their work for the betterment of the whole. The positive and generative working relationships that have been developed across borders and countries is immeasurable.
I am honored to support our mission for the betterment of this world. As a dancer, teacher and working member, Open Floor has opened my brain, body and heart up to being an active, healthy and kind life-long learner.
I get to work with some of the most brilliant, leading-edge somatic therapists, artists and educators from around the world. I’m honored to contribute my time and skills to Open Floor International - to give back, bring our vision to life and help shape a legacy for humanity.

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