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Born to a choreographer and an inventor, Dutch immigrants in Canada, Majero was lucky to be sequestered in creative whimsy during her childhood years. Dance, visual art, and poetry were her touchstones. Fed on her mother’s philosophy that every child can be a dancer now, Majero was a dancer, an artist, and a poet, all before middle school. Why wait for adulthood to be?! One can be so many things in a life.While she continued to explore, produce, and combine different movement modalities, arts, and poetries, Majero also went on to advanced academic studies. A literary and cultural theorist, her academic and creative writing is published in a number of books, journals, and collections. Her art installations have shown in galleries and international meditation workshops. “Between Light and Letter,” the second piece in the Holographic Poetics Series, was featured as the key note installation in a 2009 Art Meets Science Series. Majero taught courses in theory and literature in the English and Humanities departments at York University in Toronto, until she realized that being pregnant with twins demanded a different focus.Several years of motherhood later, Majero became an Open Floor teacher and a working member of OFI. As a movement teacher, she is excited to further develop and share the collaborative unfolding that is this unruly life. Whether in dance, economics, psychoanalytic theory, poetry, or art, Majero’s work is rooted in patterns and movement: moving patterns, homeorhetic systems, repetition and difference. Ever a student of the said and unsayable, Majero brings art into movement practice, that deep work and whimsy might dance their entanglements.