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Embodiment and Open Floor Matters

Stress, trauma, and dis-ease are held in the body, the mind, in communities, and in our relationship to spirit – the bigger field that contains us all. Open Floor is a rigorous yet pleasurable movement practice that brings attention to these four parts of human existence so that we can live fuller, healthier lives in community with others.

Open Floor was developed over ten years ago by 20+ professional dancers, meditators and therapists and has been a collective and effective process since its inception. OFI has trained over 370 teachers and they in turn reach thousands every year. We are open sourced, and a key part of a global movement that recognizes somatic healing and dance as essential to our well-being.

Why Open Floor Needs You

Like many education organizations, most of the money goes to people, including faculty, program, and administrative staff who support our professional teachers and others who volunteer much of their time.

Develop the Curriculum.  OFI operates under the Creative Commons and does not collect any licensing fees from OFI graduates. This means that the creation of new Open Floor programs must be supported by donations from people like you.

Diversify the Field. We work to make sure that the field of conscious dance and embodiment reaches people regardless of wealth, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, skin tone, or geographic region.

This is why, over the past few years, we have awarded a number of scholarships enabling a broader public to take part in Open Floor training. This support would not have been possible without the generosity and support of our donors.

Philanthropic Programs. We work with Open Floor teachers to collaboratively create programs to reach people in areas of conflict, jails, shelters, addiction recovery centers, and other places where the body needs attention to heal and transform. This planning and organization takes time and that we can count on the generosity of our donors. 

Why Donate Monthly

  • Donations are tailored to you. With amounts spread out monthly, being part of the Giving Circle can fit any budget. Even small amounts can make a big impact over time.
  • Easy, Flexible and Secure. Like a subscription, your donation occurs automatically each month. You can change or cancel at any time.
  • Monthly donations help us plan for the future. Sustained donations enable Open Floor to achieve its aims and strategically provide and expand new services to our international community of movers.
  • Brings you into Community. Everyone contributes in the ways that make the most sense to them. A monthly donation helps keep you at the center of the Open Floor community, and makes you central to ensuring the work becomes established in the world.
  • For your generosity, Open Floor will provide you:
    • Two free passes to our annual Open House Two Day Dance if you donate $20+/month;
    • A special invitation to an “OFI Board Open Day” event for ALL monthly donors to meet with our Board of Directors!

How to join the Giving Circle

  • Click on a ‘Join us’ or ‘Donate’ button.
  • Enter a donation amount and check the box: “Show your support by making this a monthly donation.”
  • You will be charged automatically every month without any additional effort from you. You can change or end the payments at any time.

Our Global Impact

Our teaching community includes 370 graduates offering Open Floor movement practice in over 40 countries around the globe.

Open Floor movement practice is being taught in many different communities: from local, weekly drop in classes to workshops and programs in mental health institutions to hospitals, refugee camps, prisons, schools, universities, government bodies and corporations.

V is for Vector

Hear From Our Current Supporters

"Reach More People"

With my donation, I want to help the organization expand its reach so more people around the world can embody this approach in their daily lives and neighborhoods.

"Allow For Great Things Over Time"

I make monthly donations to OFI because the things I love, I like to take care of and feed regularly. I eat every day and thanks to this I grow and live. I think of OFI as a being that also needs these little regular feedings in order to grow and be healthy. I know that when we all contribute a little bit, these little caring offerings allow for great things over time.

"A common vision for a peaceful world"

“Diving deeply into the Open Floor Conscious Movement practice is always a healing experience to me. Open Floor teachers need to be connected to a whole team for supervision, exchange and ongoing training and re-creation of a common vision for a peaceful world. I really want to support this precious team work on a global level.”

"A conscious and committed contribution"

The practice of mindful Open Floor dance extends into my daily life, and the benefits I discover on the floor, such as creativity, resilience and compassion, become the benefits I embody as a citizen of the world. This is how I move in, for and with the world around me. I'm convinced that, at a time when we're facing numerous humanitarian, social and climatic challenges, Open Floor practice offers resources that enable us to make a conscious and committed contribution to a future for which we're all responsible. That's why I donate with gratitude!

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