Our Curriculum

Innovative. Research-based. Open source. Our curriculum offers an infinite number of creative explorations to facilitate students evolution as embodied, conscious human beings.

A Contemporary Approach to Awareness Through the Moving Body

Designed by a think tank of highly experienced faculty members, psychotherapists, mindfulness teachers, embodiment facilitators and some of the most skilled conscious dance teachers globally.

A Flexible Framework to Practice Embodiment

Our curriculum is based on universal concepts of embodiment and mindfulness. It is rooted in physiology, kinesiology, psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and the creative arts.

Open Floor for the Homeless

Changing Lives for Good

Every week thousands of people who would otherwise never have had access to embodied movement practices are experiencing Open Floor for the first time with extraordinary results. Students and teachers from around the world are sharing inspiring stories about the healing power of Open Floor.

Explore Our Training Programs

Our curriculum brings together the universal tools, techniques and threads matured through decades of embodied movement practice and inquiry in many different forms.

Special Interest Programs

The Open Floor curriculum includes innovative and cutting-edge special interest programs focused on embodied creativity, sexuality, and therapeutic inquiry.

Our Curriculum is...

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