Embodied Sexuality

A Focused Open Floor Program for an Embodied Exploration of Sexuality, Intimacy and Life Force

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From Birth to Death, We are Sexual Beings

From the first cells that evolve us into being, to the deep surrender of our last exhale, a lifespan is infused with libido.

Dance can awaken this potent energy in ways that can be electrifying, joyful, overwhelming, frightening, mystifying, and everything in between. We can access this vital energy of eros in a multitude of ways — in moments of deep play or quiet meditation, a tender touch, a provocative piece of art, a sexy song, a mature gaze, the soothing voice of a poet, the sacred words of a mystic.

When this energy is acknowledged, supported and expressed authentically, the potential for healing is immense and empowering.

We honor the whole self.

What to Expect

We explore the energy of sexuality with curiosity and mindfulness, using the Open Floor Core Movement Resources.

We seek to understand how sexuality is shaped by culture, narratives, and social conditioning, and we explore ways to liberate ourselves as we move towards erotic wholeness.

We investigate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual terrain of sexuality, libido and life force.



Embodied Sexuality programs are open to all adults regardless of gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, sexual orientation, or relationship status. We strive to co-create an environment that is sex positive, inclusive, curious and expansive, and honors the experiences each person brings into the room.

Embodied Sexuality programs are for those who:

  • are looking to cultivate erotic intelligence and expand their capacity to love life.
  • are interested in an embodied and healthy exploration of their sexuality.
  • want to unpack the multilayered dynamics of attraction and attachment, as well as the cultural and social conditioning that inform our personal and collective stories, both past and present.
  • want to intentionally connect through movement with the source of their desires to experience greater fulfillment and satisfaction in relationships of all kinds.
  • want to harness the energy of libido for creative pursuits.

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