Open Floor Teacher Track

This structured training program prepares you to teach and use Open Floor Movement Practice in a variety of professional applications and settings

Our Next Training Program starts in 2021.
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Are You Moved to Teach?

Join the next generation of movement leaders and community builders. Resource yourself and revive the world!

As an Open Floor Teacher, you will be making a significant contribution to social, emotional, physical, and planetary health in your communities.

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The Teacher Training Program


The teacher training program is articulated in 4 phases. Each phase is dedicated to the study of a specific field of embodiment.


Common Ground

Physical Embodiment


Common Sense

Emotional Intelligence


Common Knowledge

Creative Intelligence


Common Good

Soul & Spirit


Each phase has 4 components that must be completed before moving on to the next phase:


30 Hours of intensive personal practice and deeper study of its relevance to daily life.

Practice Days

20 Hours in small groups, building skillset as a teacher.

Online Learning

Completion of a set of recorded and live webinars to engage with faculty and other trainees.


A series of specific assignments such as teaching practice classes, developing music skills, and written reflections.


You will also receive ongoing individual and group mentoring throughout the training by an international group of highly respected teachers and meet with peer groups for inspiration and support.

Program Structure



As a trainee, you will be required to attend all 4 immersions, each one focused on the 4 dimensions of embodiment: body, heart, mind, and soul.

From each Immersion, you will receive:

  • 30 hrs of intensive personal practice with a team of highly experienced and talented teachers
  • An in-depth understanding of the Core Movement resources and their relevance to daily life
  • Insights on how to prepare and tend to the moving body so you can dance forever
  • Skills to include and attend to emotions, thoughts, stories, and patterns that hold us back and how to turn them into creative fuel
  • An opportunity to meet your peers in person and build relationships within the community


While our immersions are experiential and aimed at deepening your movement practice, as a teacher in training you will be required to complete 20 hours of practice days. Held in small groups, the practice days are dedicated to bringing the Open Floor curriculum to life in your teaching, and building the practical skills required for teaching Open Floor movement practice to others.

During practice days, you will learn:

  • How to design movement scores to teach each of the 10 Core Movement Resources
  • How to use physical anchors to keep bringing your students back to the body and learning through the lens of embodiment
  • How to ask the right questions and give instructions to increase your students’ self-awareness and mindfulness
  • How to include the 4×4 weave in your teaching
  • How to create exercises using other modalities in addition to dance
  • Understand different teaching styles and how to use them
  • How to teach people of all ages and abilities
  • Grow your insights into group dynamics and embody fluid authority


Part of your training will take place online engaging with faculty and other trainees in a series of live webinars, and viewing self-paced recorded webinars to further your study of embodiment and mindful movement.

From DJ skills, to learning anatomy, to book clubs, our online courses cover a wide range of topics to support your learning and expand your skills as an Open Floor teacher.


As in any adult learning program, the work you do in between immersions and practice days is what will make the difference to the quality of your learning. Assignments include teaching practice classes, developing music skills, taking electives, reading, and writing reflections.

To share and demonstrate your growing skillset, you will be required to teach practice classes in your local communities or workplace that focus on specific elements of the curriculum.

Other assignments include:

  • Developing your music skills through assignments in musicality, creating soundscapes, and music technology
  • Completing a required reading list to enhance your theoretical knowledge of the work
  • Sharing written reflections with your mentor to document and anchor your learning


Together with your mentor, you will decide on a number of electives to enhance your understanding and experience of other people’s teaching by attending Open Floor workshops.

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Our Next Training Program starts in 2021.
Join our applications waiting list and be the first to know.

Words from Teacher Track Graduates

"The Open Floor Teacher Training encouraged me to understand myself in new ways and to grow into my capacity to lead. It gave me invaluable tools to support others on their paths of becoming. The teacher training is important for this moment in history because the post-COVID reality brings many emotional and spiritual challenges. More than ever, we need the skills and resources that Open Floor offers. More than ever, we need trained teachers in our local communities to support and connect people as we navigate these times. Open Floor International is an organization with the tools to meet this moment. This is the time to get involved. This is the time to join the movement."
Kristen Jackson Banister
"Open Floor International is a collective of extraordinarily diverse and talented embodiment teachers who offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. Rather than delivering a rigid and formulaic way of teaching, Open Floor invites trainees into a treasure trove of embodiment practices curated by these powerful teachers. Through experiencing such an array of teaching, both in style and content, we learn how to access the body in many different ways, and come to life as a student of the body, the critical ingredient for anyone considering being a teacher. Likewise, we are encouraged to discover our voice, embrace our creativity, mess-up, recover, stay human, and come more and more alive along the way. Studying with this community has been absolutely life-changing. These teachers are not to miss!"
Ashleigh Shepherd
"Everything about the teaching and what stands behind the organization resonated with me. In a world that’s suffering from segregation and loneliness, addressing and working with these issues through movement, is a true calling. As teachers, we create a welcoming space for individuals to come home to themselves and their bodies, connect with others and feel a sense of belonging - what the world so desperately needs."
Shelley Hermon
"This is a time of transition where fear and insecurity move side by side and together with creativity, care, sharing and connection. I see the (re)connection to our embodied and relational resources as human beings as one powerful way to foster peace and this is why I trained as an Open Floor teacher. In my small, humble way, I trust that through my teaching I can contribute resources for creating peace both within and around those that come to my classes.”
Hanne Tjersland
“Finding refuge in our bodies in these times is not an option, it is a necessity. Feeling safe in the unknown, now more than ever requires dedication, listening and presence. I have been teaching Open Floor since 2016, and I can feel many layers of transformation in my self and in my teaching. The training gave me the tools to hold a container with permission to follow and include what emerges. It provides resources that have endless combinations to develop explorations to dance everything that needs to be moved and healed. I'm deeply grateful and invite you to join this amazing path and wise teachers to heal and enjoy life, even in these turbulent times.”
Marisu Rimoldi
Argentina, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal experience in a variety of embodied movement practices is required to join this program.

Pre-requisites to start the training:

  • 120 hours instructed conscious dance practice such as 5Rythms, Soul Motion, Movement Medicine (of which 50 hours must be Open Floor Movement Practice)
  • Attending a Ground Floor Lab
  • 15 hours of mindfulness or meditation study and practice

View movement modalities and embodiment practices accepted for the Open Floor Training

Trainees will be assessed on the following competencies:

  • Personal & Professional Physical intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Relational intelligence
  • Mind Matters
  • Spiritual Capacity
  • Teaching Competencies
  • Group Dynamics
  • Facilitation skills


Students who successfully graduate from the program will have:

  • Fulfilled all the prerequisites above
  • Attended all 4 immersions
  • Attended 20 hours of practice days
  • Completed 350 hours of conscious dance practice, including 250 hours of Open Floor Movement Practice. (Note: Immersions count towards these hours.
  • Completed all online course modules
  • 30 hours of mindfulness or meditation study and practice
  • Attended a Libido Fundamentals workshop
  • Participated fully in each aspect of the course offerings
  • Regularly attended mentorship and Peer Group meetings
  • Completed the assignments and submitted their written reflections to their mentor
  • Received final approval from their mentor

Once you have completed all the criteria above, your mentor will help you apply for graduation.

Training fees will be released when applications open. Please check back soon for more information or register to receive updates on our new Training programs.

Tuition fees include:

  • Program components
  • Access to our training portal and online communities
  • Coursework
  • Live and recorded webinars
  • Admission to 4 immersions and 20 hours of practice days
  • Group Mentor sessions
  • Individual Mentor sessions
  • Administrative support

What’s NOT included:

  • Living expenses or accommodation,
  • Meals
  • Transportation for in-person events
  • Required books from required or optional reading lists
  • Elective workshops
  • Any other training needing to complete the prerequisites for the training.

Open Floor International offers a limited number of partial scholarships based on true financial need and commitment to teaching in your community. Please do not apply for a scholarship unless you have true financial need.

To apply for a scholarship:
We ask that those who request financial support take some time to sit in the mudra of sobriety as explained below.

A mudra is a position in which we place our bodies to cultivate a specific awareness. The spirit of the mudra of sobriety is “neither more nor less than necessary.” This is what we ask you to contemplate, in consideration of your own true needs, and all others who need help too.

  1. Find a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed for 5 or 10 minutes.
  2. Sit with your legs crossed and spine straight, as best as you are able.
  3. Rest your hands on your knees, palms down. Breathe for several minutes and let yourself settle, until you have a sense of quiet. Then consider:
    *What is the cost of this training?
    *How much of that amount can you manage yourself?
    *How much do you need from the scholarship fund to attend?


When an answer comes to you, please request an amount that is neither more — nor less — than is necessary for you at this time. We will take this into account when considering the amount of funding awarded. Please note that each program will have a varying amount available.

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Our Next Training Program starts in 2021.
Join our applications waiting list and be the first to know.

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