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I gingerly and anxiously stepped onto a dance floor in 1997. Resistant, I was 37, married, father of two, mortgaged, conventional and from a distance apparently successful. In truth, I was scared, unconfident, unfulfilled, and unhappy, but luckily also curious and ready. For change, growing up and learning. That first class kindled something, I was hooked, my emotional fortifications received their first nudge to crumble. I touched love for me. Life changed.By 2008 I had come out, travelled the uncertain road of one night stands and new relationships, I left my long term job, qualified as a 5Rhythms® teacher, committed to a man, and packed my bags for New York. I spent 4 intense months working daily with Gabrielle Roth. Got inspired and courageous and craved life and adventure.In 2011, my partner and I set out for a year of travel. Asia, Australia and South America. Bali, Indonesia, snagged us, its unique society, deference to nature and spirit, and raw lush beauty, drew us back. We began to create a retreat centre. The vision, to create a space for magic to happen. Big and little. Day by day. To hold whoever came and allow them to say yes to life, love, change, all of it.We have created it now, Hati Suci, meaning “pure or cleansed Heart”. It’s home. It’s ever changing. It’s challenging. It consumes us. It supports us. Supports others. We have staff and guests and retreats and mind blowing workshops that happen here. I have a 1989 Vespa and 3 cats, John, Betty and Karen. I’m happy, sometimes I’m scared, anxious and unsure but no longer conventional or unfulfilled. I have resources and intelligence and even some wisdom now. Life is unfolding.