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Psychology and dance are two passions in my life that intertwine without pause since I start studying. I became a Psychology in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1991. Since then I have been dedicated to individual, family and couple sessions. Worked in a interdisciplinary team with eating disorders for 12 years, learning the power of our belief system.The integration, simplicity and wisdom that happens when we move and anchor in our bodies fascinates me. We, as human beings are giving meaning to our reality all the time and usually we lost ourselves in judgment, comparison and evaluation of not been enough. The call in my work is to be aware of how we emobodied our self with radical acceptance. The path of Therapy in Motion gives me the map for this exploration and allows to have a chance to dissolve the extra pain. I love nature and synchronicities where impossible things happen. I believe that a good relation with our shadows allow us to appear and enjoy the life as a learning process.One turn point in my life was a problem I had with my knees between 18 and 23 years old. After 5 surgeries I began a deep and succeeded rehab in numerous approaches: Eutony, Sensorial Perception, bioenergetics but dancing was certainly what allows me to find myself physically and emotionally. My knees are my great teachers in the continuum between health and pain.I started to dance the 5 Rhythms in Buenos Aires, in 1998 and I was immediately in love, feeling at home with my self. I met Gabrielle Roth for the first time in 2004, many travels and great teachers as Kathy Altman and Andrea Juhan follow that first meeting. In 2008 I finished the training as 5 Rhythm Movement Therapy with Andrea Juhan and started to work in the therapeutic setting especially with small groups. I have been teaching in Latin America working in Buenos Aires – Argentina, Lima – Peru, Ciudad de Mexico and Spain. Also since 2018 I have been teaching online and has been an amazing experience. Since 2014 I expand my work also as “Tuning ourselves In the rol” ( Afinándonos en el rol ) inviting health and educational professionals to take care of themselves while accompany others trough movement and dance. In 2016 I became Open Floor teacher & Therapy in Motion.