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As an Open Floor teacher I am passionate about cultivating awareness through the moving body.I blend Open Floor movement practice with my work as co-founder of Beyond Chocolate – my life’s work. I’ve been supporting people to transform their relationship with food and their body for over 20 years. I have delivered hundreds of workshop hours and guided many coaching clients to a new way forward with food and body confidence. I am the author of  2 books on women’s relationship with food and their bodies: Beyond Chocolate: The mindful way to a healthy relationship with food & your body and Beyond temptation: How to stop overeating and feel normal & in control around foodI offer groups and individual sessions to support people to free themselves from the diet and weight obsessed world we live in and (em)Body Confidence, blending the Beyond Chocolate approach with Open Floor movement practice.
I also teach a weekly class in London specifically for therapists and mental health practitioners – a supportive space for those who support and regularly teach embodied movement to therapists in training at HOMA Psychotherapy Training.