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A passionate dancer … lover of the sea and barefoot rock walking and drinker of very strong tea, with a dash of milkAn activist – I stand for inclusion and equal rights for everyBODY. Flexible and adaptable – I’ve worked as a waitress, curated art exhibitions, taught business English, qualified as a Thai Yoga massage therapist, worked as an analyst on projects funded by the European Commission and can cater 3 meals a day for 70 people. A good (enough) mother. A mindful eating and movement coach working from the premise that telling people what to eat and how to exercise doesn’t work. The co-founder of Beyond Chocolate – my life’s work. I’ve been supporting people to transform their relationship with food and their body for over 17 years. I have delivered hundreds of workshop hours and guided many coaching clients to a new way forward with food and body confidence. The author of books on women’s relationship with food and their bodies: Beyond Chocolate: The mindful way to a healthy relationship with food & your body Beyond temptation: How to stop overeating and feel normal & in control around food An Open Floor Teacher. Member of the Open Floor London Collective – a group of teachers offering Open Floor classes in North London on Sundays, 6-8pm. Co-leader of Beyond Chocolate in Motion workshops and retreats in Puglia, Italy with my sister Sophie Boss – a blend of Open Floor movement practice and therapeutic enquiry based on humanistic psychotherapy. On the Open Floor Marketing Circle. Editor of the Open Floor newsletter. My latests interviews and stories from the dance floor. You’ll also find me posting on the Facebook Page and with #openfloormovementpractice on Instagram