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Blessed wife, mother and grandmother, passionate dancer and cook, inveterate optimist in love with life! That’s me.Open Floor practice offers me the resources I need to transpose the explorations and experiences of a dance floor on the every day life floor. This is essential to me: On the floor as in life! Besides teaching Open Floor, I am a chef de cuisine and I love to compare both dance floors, the smaller and the big one out in the world, to a big kitchen where textures, colours, scents, tastes, spices, sweet and sour, salty and sweet, where all kinds of flavours marry and give birth to always new dances, always unique ones. We move and include!Today I dare to say that I am dancing my life: The joys and the pains, the easygoing times and the struggles, my inner self and my egos. Embodying all aspects of myself and my relationships in this movement practice, has brought me to self-awareness and to more mindfulness. Open Floor practice is more than a dance: it’s a way of Being.I aspire to meet on the floor old and young, men and women, disabled or non-disabled, not experienced or skilled dancers. It’s this diversity that enriches our dances. We move and include!