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Growing up in the midst a wonderfully large family in New Zealand, dance and music were my saviors, my loves, my way to discover and express a true sense of myself. The magic and beauty of dance continued as a strong resource throughout my life and deeply informed the unfolding of my life’s path. Woven intricately into a parallel track of extensive academic study in psychology (BS, MA, Ph.D.), these two evolving threads of dance and psychology led me into myriad explorations of firstly, dance as a performing art, to dance as a healing art, and dance as spiritual practice.It is my great joy to continually discover the art of teaching well, a seemingly never-ending adventure that challenges, satisfies, and grows me like nothing else. I feel blessed to have been inspired by many great teachers throughout my career, and so grateful to be able to share my passions as my profession over so many years. I’ve been teaching dance and conscious movement in some form or other for over 35 years. Long may it continue! I’m holding one of my teachers, Anna Halprin, as my role model – still actively teaching in her 90’s!