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I live in Ireland in the countryside by the sea. It’s one of my teachers. I write, I walk, I love, sometimes I fight – less and less – I listen to a lot of music and read a lot of books, love cinema – most kinds, theatre, dance. I’m an aunt – my nieces and nephews are sources of wonder and unconditional love for me – I have the easy job there:) I have been facilitating and teaching in the field of conscious movement for twenty years – 5R and Open Floor and working in the field of presence and embodiment from the age of 15 when I started working and training as an actor. I write poetry and am currently halfway through an MA in Creative Writing, loving the stimulation, challenge and learning. Some part of me unfolds in poetry, an essence… Accurate to say I am a seeker; from satsang to clubbing, meditation – still and dynamic/zen and tibetan to movement as medicine, yoga to hiking, shamanic practice to tai chi, aromatherapy to inquiry, gurdjieff to halprin, roth to osho, mary magdalene to christ Recent adventures include co founding Open Floor International, studying at the Marina Abramovic Institute for Performance Art. We are in accelerated and extraordinary times – for me, creativity, movement and community are our lean to’s, our guides…I’m grateful to be here, now.