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The dance floor has been Lori’s  home, work, laboratory, meditation cushion, classroom, playground, and community for 37 years, as a teacher and student. As a co-founder of Open Floor International, Lori has collaborated with seasoned teachers who pool decades of experience into one finely tuned curriculum. She travels the globe training Open Floor teachers, witnessing and supporting teachers as they find their own embodied style and wisdom. Another aspect of Open Floor that Lori finds exciting is the choice of Dynamic Governance as a model of operation. This methodology aims to share power, make collective creative decisions, and run an international organization based on transparency.

In addition to working for 30 years as Gabrielle Roth’s collaborator and student, Lori has also worked as a corporate management consultant, women’s reproductive rights counselor, writer, community clinic director, counseling trainer, sex education teacher, really terrible waitress, whitewater rafting guide, and pool hall manager.