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I never could have expected or dreamed this might be my life – dancing – and teaching through dance. I feel very lucky.When I was young I dreamt of travelling, which I did, hitch-hiking round the world, taking life as it came. And I knew that I didn’t want to work 9-5 forever, though I loved a lot of the 9-5 work that I did.I wanted to be proud of and engaged with whatever work I did and I hoped to make a difference. I wanted to have fun and have a place where I could be funny.  Somehow I seem to have led an extraordinary life as well as a very ordinary one.I worked on a kibbutz and volunteered in orphanages in Bangladesh and on a youth programme in NYC. I worked in a bar in Australia and measured the depths of lakes.  I worked in a supermarket and in offices.  I trained to work with small children.  I trained as a Drama and Movement Therapist, and as a counselor.  I volunteered for Childline.No pattern, no plan, just following my heart and what came my way.  Sometimes I’m desperate and sometimes deliriously happy,  sometimes gut wrenchingly sad and as wide as the sky with loving life.  I love what I do, and even though I sometimes feel I must be a fraud, I feel blessed with good friends, good colleaugues, great participants and life keeps unfolding.    I discovered the beautiful work of Movement of Being about 15 years ago and it’s changed my life in such deep simple ways.I’m endlessly grateful.