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Passionate about life, I have an adventurous spirit, a creative heart, and a deep curiosity about people and human relationship. I grew up in the deep South in the United States and have continued growing up since moving to London 20 years ago. During this time, I have been fortunate to work in Advertising, the Arts, Culture, and Design. I have studied Psychology, Fine Art, Sociology, and more recently, Open Floor Movement, Mindfulness/Meditation and Relational Organisational Gestalt. Now I am coming home to myself by combining all my passions to offer something unique to individuals, businesses, and organisationsplacing creativity, embodiment and relationship at the heart of all I do.I teach a regular Open Floor movement class in London called, Move Me, as well as offering workshops and events to the general public in the UK and beyond. I offer experiential workshops on embodiment, and creativity, including “Giving Presence at Work” to cutting-edge businesses and organisations interested in affecting change in work culture and beyond in an ever-shifting emergent world. I provide Embodied Presence Coaching to individuals and corporate clients, in addition to mentoring artists and practitioners of change. I believe embodiment is an essential characteristic of personal presence, and as such, it increases our ability to impact, innovate, connect, inspire, problem solve, create, and resonate with others in all all life’s situations.