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I am originally a qualified biologist, but after studying in Freiburg I decided to retrain as a software developer. At the same time, I completed my training as a Watsu practitioner and discovered dance for myself. In the 5Rhythms I found a deep source of life force, ways to understand myself and others and refuge in crises. Dance became more and more indispensable for me, also as a counterbalance to programming on the computer. In 2004/05 I had Gabrielle Roth train me to be a 5Rhythms teacher and started offering 5Rhythms in Freiburg. In 2006 my husband and I moved to Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, where we have lived as a family of four ever since. In 2015 I started my training as an Open Floor teacher, which I completed in early 2017.Dance come … get me, take me, grab me … let me go!For me, dancing is a way of connecting with the flow of life force. I feel what my heart wants and what the soul speaks. When I can express myself in movement, for which I often have neither words nor pictures, and sometimes not even feelings, a deep inner need is fulfilled and my world expands. For 19 years I have been dancing in all situations, whether healthy, sick or injured, agitated or cheerful, with a baby in my stomach and children and a husband by my side and I will not stop as long as my breath is moving. It gives me great pleasure when I can pass on some of this passion to others.