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Beatrice Kraus is a dynamic “Shapeshifter”:She is known for her bold improvisational style and her passionate sense of humor, which brings magic to everyday moments.With roots in theater and dance, she inspires people to express their own feelings in a playful and healing manner. Through training as a trauma teacher and her background in shamanism, she brings a sensitive and deep understanding into the groups she leads.Working as a project manager for one of the largest social enterprises in Europe allowed her to work with extraordinary people from different areas and cultures of life.Beatrice studied at the Open Floor International School in California and is a trained Open Floor teacher.
My first love was music and dance.
It was a place where I could allow my heart to express what I had no words for, a place that connected me to the colors and shades of emotions that flowed through me: from a dizzy social butterfly to a girl ….The dance led me to my next passion: the theater. I studied acting at the Vienna Conservatory. I lived life and learned who I was and who I wasn’t.The rest is history … … with deep roots, crazy love, lots of cards and thousands of wild, healing, raw, big-picture dances.I believe that we are all artists with the ability to create our reality and manifest our dreams. We need practices to keep us fluid, tools to help us express our limits of what we stand for. But above all physical ways to let go of what and hold on – in order to be able to develop our full strength.This is the dance I dance today.My path to deep connection is still music and dance.If you want to dance with me, you can find me in Linz, Steyr, Salzburg, Hallein, Mödling & Strobl