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Who am I? A 77 year old grandmother who first found 5Rhythms® twenty five years ago. I immediately fell in love with this practice; it was as if my three year old self was reborn and with her this ability to move and dance from within and without restraint or self consciousness. Long years of being physically tied up in knots, awkward and shy fell away as I gradually let go of the inhibitions and literally  ‘loosened up’ in all manner of ways.  I am passionate about teaching conscious dance practice; to encourage others to find the ground under their feet and let their wings fly!I have introduced Open Floor work into my London class for seniors; this has gone down very well and it is a joy to witness. I still love to teach the work that Gabrielle Roth brought into this world, and am happy to travel to do this for special occasions eg. birthday parties!I have always tried to look for simplicity when i am standing in a hall, as in not too much teaching, respect for each student who shows up and allows themselves be moved, courage for myself to let go and adapt my planned teaching at any time to what is going on in the room; and the confidence to listen to my instincts and to act on them.  Encouragement and inspiration to the people who have turned out on a cold night!  Surrounding and supporting my teaching is my passionate enthusiasm for these practices and how it touches my heart every time I teach and witness what happens on the dance floor.