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I love the freedom and wild delight of dancing. I love the power of dance to enliven the physical body, free up emotions, draw me out of my mind, and connect with the larger mystery of life.

Dance has taught me to fully embrace the joys and challenges of life with the knowledge that everything moves. It has cast light on my edges and given me a platform to experience and express the full spectrum of my Self. It has inspired courage to show up in both my vulnerability and magnificence.

For me the dance floor is a space of alchemy. Each dance is like a magical ride we climb on without knowing where it will take us. Some days there’s the simple delight of feeling alive in the body. Some days it’s a deep dive into the mystery. Regardless of how I arrive a class I come out the other end feeling transformed. And on each dance floor a beautiful dancing tribe takes shape and supports us on the ride.

Ultimately, I believe dance is both a journey to embodiment and a doorway to the freedom that is our essential nature. The practice of mindful movement helps us inhabit our bodies and lean into the resources they offer of presence and aliveness. Through dance we develop a resilience in life by staying present amidst and moving with the changing experiences of the physical body, emotions and mind. By practising dancing our own unique dance—that dance that is true to who we are in each moment—we come closer and closer to the truth of what we are.

I feel blessed to share this fun transformative practice with others. My wish is that my classes offer people an opportunity to enjoy the aliveness of their bodies, to discover their own unique dance, and to feel part of a vibrant and soulful community. My teaching is driven by my passion for self-inquiry and somatic exploration, and draws on various threads from my life journey: yoga, taichi, art, meditation, self-inquiry and healing.