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I was born in Monterrey, México and lived there most of my life. After working 17 years as a Tax Consultant, something changed inside of me after doing a deep personal process thru Coaching. I decided to put an end to some aspects of my personal and professional life at that moment in time. New eyes arose and well-being stood in front of me as my genuine passion. So, I got certified in Ontological Coaching in 2004 and Somatic Coaching in 2014. I also trained as an Expressive Movement Teacher in 2017 and now as an Open Floor Teacher.

I moved to Barcelona in 2015 and now recently moved to Madrid to continue offering my services thru Konecta – Open Floor Madrid & Coaching Studio. In my experience embodiment has a unique way to support personal processes in a deep and a subtle way, and with the help of music the sensations and emotions become alive to express what the mind is not able to articulate. We move sorrows, sadness, dreams, joys and any other feelings so they can come to life thru our bodies in our wildest dances.