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I have been dancing since my youth. Conscious dance has been a different form of communication for me. A way of telling something, when words are missing. My defining dance experience for 30+ years includes butoh dance, contact improvisation, dance theater and expressive dance after Mary Wigman. In addition, I was a member of various performance groups, with whom I had appearances in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. Now I have found my home in Open Floor International. There I can combine all my experiences with my passion for music, poetry and meditation. In December 2016, I successfully completed the ‘Power of Awareness’ training with Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield. I am also a certified change coach and currently studying BMC with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. I am happy to be able to integrate this experience into my Open Floor work. I am a certified Open Floor Movement Teacher, certified Change Coach and a Member of the ICMTA.

My vision: Without the possibility of expressing myself in the movement, I wouldn’t have been able to cope with the difficulties in my life. Dance helped me through all the crisis’s and also through serious illnesses. Because of that I hope to offer a space for the dancers to discover the self-healing power and vitality that we all carry as potential. In my teaching I let myself be inspired by what is happening on the dance floor. In addition to my passion for the free dance, I also bring my love of music into my workshop offerings. I love to read the group body and share what I see, using my words, weaving them into music and create a soundscape which feeds the creativity of the movers. As a professional sound-engineer I know how to create a powerful soundscape, which not only includes music, but sounds of all kind. My offers are free, there are no steps to learn. You move what is present for you in the moment. Let yourself be surprised by the wisdom of your body!