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My name is Kamla. In Punjabi, the spelling of my name has no vowels until the end: “kmla”. So it’s pronounced “come” – la, which means “Water Lotus”. This flower grows up and out of the muddiest waters to bloom only in full sunlight.

My mum did well naming me because the water lotus is the international symbol for yoga. Yoga is a true passion of mine since I was very young, not just the physical practice but exploring and supporting the best connection between the mind, soul and body. This has been my life’s work personally and professionally.

I coach children, families and individuals who want to live in ease and happiness. I coach kids, parents and people from around the world. I also offer classes in yoga, meditation and longer workshops for life skills, mindfulness and goodness to local individuals and groups of all ages. My life’s work takes me throughout the San Francisco Bay area and the world. I so appreciate working in my hometown of Walnut Creek, California supporting this awesome community where my own family has grown.