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Kit is a get-off-your-tush and get-it-done, powerfully intuitive kind of leadership coach. Prior to starting her Leadership in Motion programs, Kit led public schools. She now coaches, facilitates and dances!

Kit ​facilitates change and self empowerment through drawing upon the full intelligence of individuals and groups. She artfully integrates Open Floor movement practices into her facilitation, training and coaching sessions. In her prior educational career as a public school principal, Kit gleaned significant insights related to human nature and leadership.

Choosing to lead with grace, agility and presence transformed her impact in such a way that it literally – and figuratively – moved her toward her current work. Kit previously served as a volunteer caregiver for Zen Hospice project as well as Executive Director of Open Floor International for three years. She now sits on the Board of Directors of OFI.

Join Kit for individual leadership coaching or for group facilitation in her beautiful waterfront studio, online or at your work site. Prepare to be MOVED!