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I have studied Psychology, Master Of Science, 1995. I always wanted to bring back together body, mind and soul. I experienced that wholeness in my first 5 Rhythms experience during my IBP (Integrative Body Psychotherapy) training with Andrea Juhan.Since then, 1999, I am dancing 5 Rhythms. I am a 5 Rhythms teacher since 2008 and an Open Floor teacher since 2019. Nowadays I am loving to dance Conscious Dance, whatever name you call it, I don’t care. I am also a Kinaesthetics 1Trainer since 2006.My main mission is to keep sane in a crazy world and help myself and others to keep an open heart, because that is what is needed in my belief. Besides that I just try to enjoy the beautiful world, we live in.At the moment I am still working in a retirement home for human beings with dementia. I am doing this work over 20 years now, it keeps me grounded.Currently I am teaching Open Floor in Rapperswil and 5Rhythms in Richterswil, Switzerland. See you somewhere on the dance floor!