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Since 2003, I have worked as a therapist for individual clients, couples and groups. I am also trained in free dance, as an imago coach for couples and in shamanic energy medicine. Now I am also a teacher and therapist in Open Floor – conscious movement. I follow my purpose in life by constantly building bridges between the unconscious and the conscious, where my passion for dance and movement permeates my entire being. I practice dance and yoga for my own development and I have practiced the healing power of dance for over 15 years with many hours on the dance floor, especially with the founder of Open Floor: Andrea Juhan. My life philosophy of being constantly present in my inner consciousness, makes me have a great genuine presence. Today I live in Mallorca where I offer my various services but periodically I also work in Thailand with wedding ceremonies, hold retreats.In my work, I weave together all my experiences and knowledge. In my conversations, I use psychosynthesis therapy, which is a development-oriented psychology, which focuses on the health of each individual. Deficiencies and shortcomings are seen as a great development potential and in every problem we experience, we find the seed for development and maturity. Energy medicine and Open Floor are methods that go deep into body and soul lasting transformations in consciousness. I am very experienced and a master in tracking energies in the body and with the help of all these methods, changes, both large and small, can be created in many of the different areas of life, which is also reflected in our surroundings. Thanks to this, we can have a deeper contact with ourselves and live a more authentic authentic life in balance with vitality and joy in our full potential.