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Born in 1980, I grew up on a farm in sunny Burgenland.After completing my commercial Matura, I studied sociology, then moved to the 4-year university of applied sciences, which I completed in 2007. Working with people and supporting them on their way is a key concern for me.Yoga enters my life. My apartment colleague is enthusiastic, all kinds of people are enthusiastic and I want to know what everyone thinks about yoga: After the first frustrating and overwhelming lessons, I fortunately meet an Indian teacher in Vienna who offers more gentle yoga and makes me more curious.My idea of ​​going to India is maturing. In 2008 I will travel to Sri Lanka and India for 5 months, where I will delve deeper into yoga. Especially during my ashram stay in Uttarkashi, Northern India, I notice that I want more of it! In a time of orientation and travel, daily yoga practice grounds me, it gives me strength and support.I complete my training as a Hatha yoga teacher in four intensive weeks in December 2008 in the ashram of Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg, Germany. I lack anatomically correct information there. Since I got to know Anusara Yoga with Jordan Bloom in 2011. The correct alignment and heart opening of Anusara Yoga appeal to me a lot. This is followed by a yoga teacher training in Anusara Yoga 2011 in Berlin with Lalleshwari and Vilas Turske, as well as other workshops. I broaden my yoga horizon through workshops with David Sye (Yogabeats), Shiva Rea (Prana Flow) and Florian Palzinsky (Simple Wisdom).After injuring my knees in India, I want to know how to practice yoga properly to promote, not endanger, my health! Therapy training with Ross Rayburn starts the journey into yoga therapy. 2014 Further training in orthopedic yoga therapy according to Lilla Wuttich in Berlin, as well as training in spiral dynamics Basic Move with Lilla Wuttich (2019).Today I feel powerful thanks to yoga and have my irritable bowel and back problems under control. My inner balance and my trust in myself and in the world is constantly growing. I go my way…This leads me to DANCE through yoga: during the yoga teacher training I get to know a dance that totally inspires me: 5 rhythms by Gabrielle Roth. I am continuing my education in “Creative Dance and Movement Theater” by Auguste Reichel (2009/2010). Free dancing releases energies in me that I hadn’t known before: fire, freedom, spontaneity, creativity and individuality. A long-cherished wish comes true: In 2015-2017 I will take part in the Teachers Trainning for Open Floor Conscious Movement Practice. This changes my life: I get to know and love my future husband and companion Idan Meir, we get married and in the middle of my training I give life to our son Jonathan in 2017.A fire has been kindled in me to live my talents and passions and to make them my life! I have been self-employed since 2010 teaching yoga and dance, as well as yoga’n’dance retreats, and other creative projects. I fuel my courage and my strength in yoga and dance as well as in meditation! My family and my companions, who were and are muses, role models, comforters and supporters, give me support! A big thank you!