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Transformation is what keeps me curious and what interests me most about working with others. This process of being human IS the process of waking up. Experiencing everything in its totality is the precious gift of being alive.
My teaching style is heartfelt, humorous, clear and transformative. I work with people to cultivate their highest conscious creative compassionate potential therefore spreading like wildfire to others. I use movement, mindfulness and matters of the heart as a ground for exploration into deeper states of being. I work alongside my partner to model healthy dynamic honest relationships. I am dedicated to my own personal awakening and support communities that are also passionate about a paradigm shift. I am a transformational coach, founding member at Four Ways to Freedom. I am a regular guest teacher at the Mandali Foundation Retreat center. I co-founded Conscious Dance Italy, a resource, education and production association for the Italian dancers. On most days, I can be lost or found in the hillsides of Tuscany.