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Even after 30 years of teaching dance – first contemporary, then 5Rhythms and Open Floor – I remain an enthusiastic dancer. For me, dancing is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and unforgettable experiences which shape my life. 
Movement has always been an important part of my life. I started with sports gymnastics, moved onto aerobics and then onto dancing – contemporary, 5R and OF. A 5Rhythms dance “returned me to my body” more than 20 years ago. The renewed conscious link with my body has greatly enriched my life at all levels, freeing me – and still freeing me – from many restrictions – both internal and external.

When working with individuals, combining the physical and metaphysical dimensions of the body, emotional and mental cultivation and transcendent experiences are the cornerstones of my teaching activities. At the same time, thanks to years of growing my own grounded presence and sensitivity, I offer a safe space for dance communities, filled with mutual respect and an evolving awareness that sharing both dance and words is inspiring and enriching, and that it is the way we all contribute to the creation of our own futures on this earth. 
For me, guiding through dance is more and more a service to others. 
I fully realised this during the Spring coronavirus crisis when I offered online dancing – a skill which I had previously totally rejected and which had its irreplaceable value during the crisis. I know that physiological breathing and posture is very important for the health aspect of dance, as well as emotional and mind-working skills. This brought me to yoga and meditation about 10 years ago and they have remained the most important sources for my development to this day.

I have been teaching regular lessons in Prague, as well as several times a year in Bratislava and Vienna, for more than 20 years. I teach multi-day workshops all over the Czech Republic. Although for a long time I was not connected to international contacts, since 2016 I have been an active member of ICMTA, and I am grateful for all the experiences and challenges which have come with the team’s work based on Dynamic Governance.