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Sophie became a a certified Open Floor International Teacher in 2018. She offers a weekly Friday night dance classes on Isle d’Oléron, regular workshops and guest teaches in summer camps and at dance festivals.

She has over 20 years of experience as a physical and occupational therapist, working in several settings with kids, adults and elderly people. She is currently  in training to become a practitioner of the Trager approach.

Sophie: “Since I found conscious dance 20 years ago, I am passionate about it. Through the dance I learned to accept and develop myself and to be present in the moment.

When I dance, I feel free and alive. I (re-) connect with my body, my deepest thoughts and feelings and with my soul. 

As a physical therapist and as a dance teacher trained by Open Floor International, I am looking for movement of the body. Curious about what moves at the outside, but also what moves at the inside. Inviting you to explore and express that in your dance. No experience at all needed: I welcome you as you are.”