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Sybille is a dynamic, empowered woman: a force of nature inspiring a revolution for connection and radical change. She lives and breathes community, having lived for the last 19 years in an intentional community called Tui in Golden Bay. Mother of two young men (aged 18 and 16),Sybille is known for her courage. She uses her fear to create transformational spaces, bringing her full passion and commitment to her work. Her determination to create Next Culture is alive and infectious and it is this dedication which led her to create the Embodied Freedom Movement practice.Sybille is one of the few accredited Open Floor dance teachers in Australasia, with over 15 years experience in teaching movement that began with 5 Rhythms. For the past 5 years, Sybille has been offering transformational retreats and workshops in the last 10 years across New Zealand, individually or in collaboration with others.