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Born in Japan, from early age I was drawn to something which “made sense” in this world. My strong spiritual curiosity took me traveling internationally experienced various colorful life events since in my early twenties. It was much before computer internet culture arrived, the world was slower & simpler moving in tuned with the sun, moon and starts. I could just following my heart beats impulses fearlessly to make next move to where & when?Meeting an Indian Mystic, living in his Meditation Ashram for some years was most exquisite transformational educational period of my life.  Each moments everything happened deeply organic way dropped into stillness in meditations, spontaneous sweaty dances, Gestalt Therapy, Shadow Work, Postural Integration, Psychic Energy Work, Craniosacral Therapy etc. It was on going shaking off old me to seeing understanding to new world.  After while I was guided to take many trainings to become Therapist, Healing Bodyworker to share and teach to others.My life in California started with early midlife crisis, I was still in my thirties. Keep questioned myself “what Universe is telling me right now?” I needed to understand even deeper layers of heart aches & difficulties to live on this planet as continue working on people as therapist, healing practitioner or whatever I called myself just being human. Around that time I started pay attention for meaning of “Embodiment” – Fully listening and feel the world through the body…. I got into studying yoga therapy < Yes, went back to India !!!> conscious dance movement as I started understand bio-intelligence in my own physical body more and more. Fluidities, craniosacral wave sensitive to what I eat, drink which what I become, feeling all life energy from the spine, kundalini, each chakras resonating with ocean waves…and everything around me kept me so alive.Now I am getting into another cycles of my life, early sixties!  I wouldn’t say beyond my age, but rather than slow down look ike keep working on people or I just started my “real work” what I supposed to do. Because of I believe that the world is shifting and awakening, and giving and receiving healing work plays a big part in this revolution.