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Fascinated by the mystery of embodiment and the journey of the human psyche, I have traveled along a path that has led me from Soul Motion® to Open Floor, from Gestalt Awareness Practice and Tibetan Buddhism to Continuum Montage, Authentic Movement and Lomi Somatics. I have explored the territory of death and grief in my work with Zen Hospice Project, early trauma resolution with Ray Castellino, and psychospiritual inquiry with John and Jennifer Welwood and the Ridhwan School. I completed a doctorate in clinical psychology with a dissertation on the role of conscious movement in healing the mind-body split.Inspired by my own study and practice plus close to three decades of teaching groups and individuals, I have developed Embodied Inquiry, a leading-edge approach bringing together conscious movement, awareness training, inner work, and stillness practice into an integrated transformative process that touches body, heart, and spirit.

I am a Working Member with the Therapy in Motion Circle. As co-designer and core faculty of the first four Soul Motion Leadership Programs, I have supported students in developing their embodiment and teaching skills. I continue to offer mentorship through my yearlong program Body as Living Presence.

I am a lover of motion and stillness, a closet writer, and a devoted though imperfect wife. I live in Northern California with Scott Engler, my most demanding and most forgiving teacher of what it means to love another human being. We lead workshops together at Esalen Institute, in Costa Rica, and Europe.