What is Emotional Embodiment?

Common Sense and Emotional Embodiment

Being emotionally embodied is being the artist of your emotions

Emotional Embodiment is about having a physical language for your emotions so that you can allow them to move in, out and through your body. We learn to recognise habits and patterns and practice responding creatively to our emotional states. When we are able to skilfully articulate and express our feelings, we increase our capacity for authenticity, connection and aliveness. 

Being emotionally embodied is having the skills to self regulate and be present

Emotional Embodiment is being able to name, witness and track your emotions as they cycle through your nervous system. It is about staying within your window of presence as they rise and fall, and staying centred in yourself and in the present moment. In this way, we can self regulate and tolerate our emotions. Even when we momentarily get emotionally off-center, we can right ourselves quickly and be present.

Being emotionally embodied supports mature and healthy relationships

Emotional Embodiment is knowing how attune to, and receive, somebody else’s emotional expression. When we know how see, sense and respond to others without getting overwhelmed, dismissive or disconnecting, we are less reactive and have an expanded perspective. We are able to address conflict or misunderstanding in a more skilful way for intimate, long lasting, resilient relationships.

The dance floor is your practice ground

Working with Emotional Intelligence on the dance floor teaches us to embody all these skills – not necessarily perfectly or at all times — but they are skills we can access. Through movement and practice we resource ourselves and literally grow new neural pathways in our body/mind system. We can call on our ability to shift emotional states and our reliable, embodied pathways to compassion, generosity, patience, serenity, love. 

The world needs us to bring these skills into our lives – into our families, our communities and our places of work.

Practice and grow your emotional embodiment skills with us – Open Floor Immersion: Common Sense

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