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Resourcing My Activism Through Movement

Since 2014, I have been intensely involved with both Open Floor International and with the Israeli grassroots movement Women Wage Peace (WWP).

I cannot imagine these past years in Women Wage Peace without Open Floor Movement Practice and it’s Core Movement Resources. Open Floor (OFMP) keeps me resourced, resilient, and sane!  

My work with Open Floor combined with my activism, got me curious and fascinated with the on-going exploration of what happens in those times when one feels the call and inspiration to step up, step in, and get involved: How do we become agents of change? What is the right action to be done? Does getting involved necessarily mean “doing”? And, how can the Core Movement Resources (CMRs) of Open Floor support and nourish one on the path of activism and the path of life itself? 

The CMR’s which we practice in Open Floor are universal movement principles that promote embodiment and presence. Through this body language, we cultivate deeper awareness to self and others, a greater sense of well-being, ease, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and a spiritual resonance with ourselves, others, and all life.

As an activist, the CMR’s (listed below in BOLD) are not only nourishing and resourcing, they also serve me as a compass for navigating the right action for me and for the situation, at any given time. 

I pay attention to which activities draw me Towards them, as well as, what might drain my energy and, therefore, it would be wise to pull Away from. 

Where would I be most effective, as well as most aligned with my heart Vector

When is it time for me personally to Settle, even though there is still so much activation going on around me, and so much that needs to be done? Settle just enough so that I can Activate again as soon as my energy is back. 

Is it okay to Pause when there is so much to be done, so much at stake? 

I seek Center again and again, to keep my balance, to restore my energy, to tune in for the wisest answer in any given situation.

All these questions and reflections, as well as using the CMRs as a compass, apply to so many situations and areas in everyday life – not just in the context of activism. Sorting out an issue with your partner or yourself; a conflict at work; your child dealing with a challenge and needing you to provide the right support. 

That is the beauty of the Core Movement Resources. They are a constant source of support in helping us deal with and face whatever life throws at us.

That is the beauty of Open Floor work — it can be applied to all realms and domains — personal, relational, communal, national, global.

Following my experience over the last years has birthed an Open Floor workshop: ‘Wisdom & Power – the wisdom to accept and the power to change’. It was a celebration for me to design and build this workshop! The creative process was so rich, as rich as Open Floor movement practice is. One of the challenges was to choose which Core Movement Resources to focus on. All 10 of them were knocking eagerly on my door, each making a really good, strong, valid case why they are the most relevant to this topic. 

It has been a privilege to facilitate this workshop in different countries and dive into the shared exploration and endless learning about this topic of wisdom and power, acceptance, and change. 

Rivi Diamond is an Open Floor teacher, Therapy in Motion practitioner and Open Floor Supervisor

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