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Emotional Embodiment
& the Hunger for Connection

All the resources you need to master emotional intelligence

Immerse yourself in learning to become emotionally embodied: wise, resilient and creative in relation to your own and other’s emotions.

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Connecting with Common Sense

Emotional embodiment refers to the process of learning to become wise, resilient and creative in relation to our own and other’s emotions. It refers to our capacity to feel emotion and to remain present and creative in all four domains of relationship (alone, with a partner, in a group, and in relation to spirit).

From teachers of other modalities, coaches, educatorscommunity leaders and mental health practitioners to the simply curious and passionate, our mission is to welcome anyone who wishes to taste, learn and explore the Open Floor curriculum and use this work to change lives in their communities...  

Common Sense and Emotional Embodiment

Curriculum Highlights

In this immersion you will develop insights and skills to become emotionally embodied. You will:

  • Have a physical language for your emotions, and be able to move creatively with them
  • Be able to allow feelings in, out and through the body
  • Witness emotion as it passes in and through your nervous system, and able to track emotion as energy-in-motion in your own body and in others
  • Be comfortable with the full range of emotional impulses and mindfully choose to nourish and express an emotion, be with it, or calm it down
  • Know how to match what is present on the outside with what is occurring inside you

"I was aware of the profound affect dance has on me mentally, emotionally and spiritually and this gave all of it a language. The resources available worked their magic on my body and my nervous system. It is a powerful tool for self-expression, and its effects are transformative, both in the moment, and with lasting effect."

Essential Program Information

The cost of this Immersion is: $850 (excludes travel & accommodation)

  • Open Floor International Teachers: 50% discount, please email us directly
  • Open Floor International Working Members: 65% discount  please email us directly)
  • This immersion is included in the price of the training for those enrolled on our Teacher Training

The first step is to register and pay. Register early as spaces are limited.

After we receive your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email and you will be asked to answer a few simple questions including a confirmation that you have met the prerequisites. Faculty reserves the right to refund your payment and cancel your registration if the training fills up, you have not met the prerequisites, or for other reasons.


Please note, while the Immersion is part of  the Open Floor Teacher Training, acceptance to this Immersion does not mean acceptance to the Teacher Training.

  • 50 hours of instructed study in conscious dance practices* 
  • At least 15 of those hours must be Open Floor Movement Practice 

*Conscious Dance Practices:  Open Floor, Soul Motion, 5Rhythms™, Movement Medicine, Freedom Dance, Azul, Tamalpa Life/Art Process, Continuum, Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies. Let us know in your student information form if there’s another conscious dance practice you have studied that you would like us to consider. 

OFI has two scholarship funds that support those who are in financial need and wish to study. You can apply for these scholarships once you have been accepted onto the Immersion.


A mudra is a position in which we place our bodies to cultivate a specific awareness. The spirit of the mudra of sobriety is “neither more nor less than necessary.”  We ask applicants to contemplate, in consideration of their own true needs, and all others who need help too. 


OFI provides scholarships to increase the diversity of OFI students and teachers. With this Scholarship, Open Floor International is taking a first step in reaching a goal of students and teachers being reflective of the world where Open Floor is practiced. The majority of OFI’s current teachers live in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Most are European or of European descent, speak English fluently, are 35 – 65, identify as women, and are able-bodied.  We are actively looking to expand our reach outside these populations with our scholarship fund. Priority is given to people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Person of Color (BIPOC), LBGQT+, gender fluid, differently abled, and/or live in less wealthy regions.

11-16 OCTOBER 2022 – EUROPE
  • Tuesday, October 11, 10am – 1pm & 3-6pm
  • Wednesday, October 12 10am – 1pm & 3-6pm
  • Thursday 13th 10am – 1pm
  • Friday 14th 10am – 1pm & 3-6pm
  • Saturday 15th 10am – 1pm & 3-6pm
  • Sunday 16th 10am – 1pm

1pm to 8pm – every day


Common Knowledge Immersion – EUROPE – May 18-23, 2023   

Common Knowledge Immersion – USA – June 2-6, 2023   

Common Good Immersion – EUROPE – February 2-7, 2024  

Common Good Immersion – USA – March 15-19, 2024  

Venue: Findhorn Ecovillage

Universal Hall Arts Centre, The Park, Findhorn, Forres, Scotland IV36 3SH

For more information visit:

The Findhorn Eco-village is in the Northeast of Scotland. There are multiple ways to travel to Findhorn, depending on your mode of transport, climate values and economics. For more information click here.

You will find a range of B&B’s, Caravans, and eco-chalets by following these links:

If you stay at The Park/Findhorn Ecovillage you might be anywhere from a 2 to 10 minute walk from the venue. If you stay in Findhorn Village (the old Scottish fishing village) you’ll be a 20-minute walk away.

Venue: Presence Studio

1412 Cornwall Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225

For more information visit:

Bellingham has its own international airport and  is just over an hour’s drive away from Vancouver International Airport in Canada (which will require border crossing) or just under 2 hours from Seattle Airport. Find out more here.

You will find a range of  hotels and B&B’s close by. More information here.

Who is this Immersion designed for?

Join our highly experienced and talented teaching team for a deep dive into Open Floor movement practice.  This immersion is an opportunity for intensive personal practice and a deeper understanding of its relevance to daily life.

Open to professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, our Immersion Programs are ideal if you are looking to gain new skills to integrate embodiment across disciplines such as, but not limited to, healthcare, social services, business, education, and the arts.


• Teachers and facilitators of embodiment, mindful movement and conscious dance

• Movement and Dance Movement Therapists

• Coaches

• Physicians (MD, DO, ND, DC & others) & Physician Assistants

• Nurses & Nurse Practitioners

• Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Counsellors

• Emergency Medical Personnel

• Meditation & Mindfulness Teachers

• Massage Therapists & Body Workers

• Complementary & Alternative Medicine Professionals

• Community Leaders

• Educators

• Social Workers

What do our students say?

Words From Our Students

There is so much to learn here!

It takes a lot of creativity to be able to train and deliver anything online, but to deliver embodiment wisdom, embodiment practice, details, the all spirit of it, to give a real feel of that, that’s just a genius level of skills. I just take my hat off... it has become my role model: how one can give such complicated and live material to 70 people simultaneously online!It's is hard to imagine something cooler and more perfect! It was just superb!

Practical and efficient

As a somatic coach, it has been a very powerful experience to find through conscious movement, music and art - in an extremely well held container - a very powerful context to to bring through movement an integration of all the elements that shape us as human beings.

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